Tribes & Tribulations

(Midge & Rosie Mullin)


Wales 1984 Tribes and Tribulations is set against the bleak political landscape of Thatcher’s Britain and tells the story of four diverse characters, who momentarily escape the tribulations of their everyday lives and descend upon the anarchic, vibrant, multicultural madness of a free festival.

In a muddy field in deepest, darkest Wales, the tribes are gathering to exercise their right to party and four individuals embark on a unique journey, each of them searching for personal resolution with life changing results.

Tribes & Tribulations was performed at The Blackmore Theatre, Exmouth as part of the 2015 Exmouth Festival, Cygnet Theatre as part of the Cygnet Theatre’s New Writing Festival 2015, The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter, Exeter College and The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol in May – June 2015.

Sammy – Mike Gilpin
Georgie – Becky Louis Dobson
Crumb – Midge Mullin
Cara – Rachel Milne

Directed by Rosie Mullin and Ben Rodwell

Sound – Samantha Taylor
Lights – Rosie Mullin
Sound design – Mike Gilpin
Music – Simon Cook

Sprocket – Mike Gilpin
Mickey Cooper, Dai Williams, Space Tubes & Kaiser – Midge Mullin

Tripped out music written for Tribes by Xenimus
Artwork – Boo Cook
Photography – Matt Austin

Clip of Rehearsal of Tribal Rap (featuring Ben Rodwell RIP)

The Dark Angel Sammy & Georgie The Dark Angel and Georgie - Rosie Mullin & Becky Louis Dobson Sammy & Georgie - Mike Gilpin and Becky Louis Dobson Crumb - Played by Midge Mullin Crumb - Midge Mullin
Pictures by  Matt Austin

“Excellent performances, then, a cracking sound track ‘Tribes and Tribulations’ is a vivid, visceral reminder of the counter-culture to Thatcher’s brutal Britain; a free festival – the antidote to yuppies and rampant capitalism….” Avril Silk – Remote Goat★★★★

“Substance And Shadow Theatre are testament to what can be achieved if you have the will. Featuring just four players; with the help of light, sound and a change of hats they manage to successfully recreate on a small, bare stage a free festival of 4,000 people. Which is no mean feat. Just try it yourself and see how you get on. . Go and see them, I would say. They’re great, basically, and destined for greater things…” The Art of Exmouth

“There is a real talent behind conjuring up the feeling of being in the middle of a busy festival site using just a sparse set and four actors – but Substance and Shadow Theatre have this talent in bucket-loads. This was another great show to add to the growing collection of top theatre from Substance and Shadow. When the guys put on a production it is well worth an evening of your time to go and see it, this is grass roots theatre at its absolute best.” Jenna Richards – Phonic FM

“With this new production, Substance and Shadow Theatre maintain the high standard of drama evident in their previous works. It seems that Midge and Rosie Mullin, and all the team members, work tirelessly in every spare hour, to ensure a steady stream of impressive plays. Classic writing, like Pinter’s “Dumb Waiter” and Brenton’s “Christie in Love”, have benefited from the Substance and Shadow treatment, while their own home-spun yarns, such as “Skin Deep” and “Duplicity”, can be relied on to take an audience on a unique voyage into the unexpected.” Luch Caise-Dearg – Phonic FM

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