Silver and Gould

(Midge & Rosie Mullin)


Silver and Gould – a tale of desperation, betrayal…and darts!

Following years of separation, Cousins Leonard Silver and Melvyn Gould are reunited after the sudden death of Len’s Mum (Auntie Elsie). However, after being thrown out of the family home, Len is further shocked to find that he has been snubbed in the will in favour of the local cat’s home, leaving him no option but to live in his beloved Rover. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Meanwhile, Melvyn has been left Auntie Elsie’s beloved set of darts in her will, which leads him to reveal that he has been accepted to appear on cult 80’s TV programme ‘Bullseye’. Over a game of arrows at the wake, Len quickly realises that Melvyn is something of a hot-shot on the oche and starts to hatch a plan, but Melvyn has plans of his own for wooing Shirley the local barmaid.

Fame and fortune could be Len’s if he can persuade Melvyn to take him on Bullseye as the brains of the operation. Winning the cash and glorious array of prizes on offer could spell an end to cold nights spent in the Rover for Len, or provide a testimony of Melvyn’s love for Shirley.

After some careful ‘persuasion’ by Len, the dream team of Silver and Gould appear on the show, but can they hit the bullseye and scoop the star prize, or will they checkout with their dreams in tatters?

Everything hangs on the throw of a dart…

Leonard Silver – Nathan Simpson
Melvyn Gould – Midge Mullin
Game Show Hostess – Tracey Norman
Elsie Silver voice over – Morwenna Alldis
Directed by – Rosie Mullin
Sound – Samantha Taylor
Lights – Rosie Mullin


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Pictures by  Matt Austin

““The show is well worth a watch, especially if you are a fan of nostalgic comedy mirroring such programmes as Only Fools and Horses.” Express & Echo

“The pair (Midge Mullin and Nathan Simpson) embody their characters and play their differences beautifully. They have a wonderful chemistry, and fantastic physicality, making them the perfect comedy duo.”Jenna Richards

“You are effortlessly transported into the lives of these two men, a feat I always find more impressive when you consider Substance and Shadow’s trademark minimalist set. Why would you need more than two actors, a chest and a picture (the ‘booby woman’) to tell a story? Lesser companies might struggle, but with clever characterisation and highly talented actors Substance and Shadow make it look easy!”Jenna Richards

“Midge and Nathan are on top form, their characters are beautifully conceived by the writers (Midge & Rosie Mullin) and just as beautifully realised by Midge and Nathan on stage. Comic, but realistic and totally believable, Substance and Shadow’s new pairing will be well worth a visit.”Luch Caise Dearg – Phonic FM

“…reminiscent of Harold Pinter at his most confrontational.”Luch Caise Dearg – Phonic FM

“The narrative is interweaved with rich, colourful monologues.”The Reviews Hub

“The narrative is interweaved with rich, colourful monologues.”The Reviews Hub

“Up to their customary high standard and making the absolute maximum from minimum props and a small cast, it was an absolute gem. The sound effects, lighting, and split-second timing produced a wonderful atmosphere, and lots of laughs.”Nigel Cheffers-Heard

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