Self Centred – Review

Self Centred

The Bike Shed Theatre – June 2012

A powerful play, told in range of insightful voices, and a striking performance.

The technique is deceptively simple, but all the more alluring for it.  Through our four guides, we’re transported into Danny’s mind to see what he sees, but more importantly – to feel all that he feels.

And there is so much emotion to experience.  A boy growing up knowing something is wrong, but never quite sure what.

Always asking questions, never quite knowing the answer to the mystery of the body he has been given, but is never sure of.  Never content to rest until the solution to the riddle within himself is found.  However hard it may be, whatever the reaction of those around him.

And even then, at the culmination, the lingering question – is his answer correct?

Four fine actors, four different facets of a character, so many stages of an uncertain life.  And an audience left enthralled, moved and reflective at the same time.

Simon Hall – BBC