(Midge & Rosie Mullin)


London, 1977, Britain is celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and England is dreaming. Set against the volatile backdrop of the Punk Rock explosion, Duplicity follows the journey of identical twins, Tommy and Finn, as their sense of self and reality disintegrates into a maelstrom of anarchy, chaos and disorder.

Music – Live recordings from the legendary Scottish punk band, Probes (Greg and Alex Broad).

Duplicity was performed as part of the From Devon With Love and Ignite festivals at the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter in 2014. It was also performed at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol and The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter.

Tommy – Midge Mullin
Finn – Midge Mullin
Leonard Silver – Nathan Simpson
Ultra Violet – Rachel Milne
Fabie – Joana Crisostomo
Jah Nebulous – Midge Mullin

Directed by Rosie Mullin and Mike Gilpin

Sound and Lights – Samantha Taylor
Sound design – Mike Gilpin
Music – I Need More Time by Mike Gilpin
Photography – Matt Austin

Tommy - played by Midge Mullin Len Silver -  played by Nathan Simpson Fabie played by Joana Crisostomo Ultra Violet - Played by Rachael Milne Whole cast
Pictures by  Matt Austin

“Once again, Substance and Shadow live up to their name, delivering theatre which flickers between moments of light and dark, love and hate, connection and isolation. Rose and Midge Mullin have successfully written a play which simultaneously entertains us, taking us back in time to the punk rock era, and urges us to reflect by exploring our notions of identity, family and love.

I eagerly await Substance and Shadow Theatre’s next endeavour, having immensely enjoyed all I have seen so far. The Exeter audience absolutely love the play, and I believe that Substance and Shadow Theatre make a valuable contribution to the arts scene in the city.”
Giverny Masso – Online Arts Editor

“Overall this was an outstanding play; I was struck by the quality of writing and acting. It is so much harder to play to a small, very close audience with a sparse set and very few props, but Substance and Shadow make it look easy.”
Jenna Richards – Phonic FM

“The writing, rich with tropes – at times straining towards the poetic, but never clumsily, helps give the characters an existence above the mundane.
This is an engaging and ambitious play, ideally suited to the Wardrobe Theatre and will help cement the venue’s growing reputation as a place for imaginative theatre. “
Graham Wyles – Stage Talk ★★★

“Liveliness is the key to Duplicity. In little over an hour, corners have to be cut in telling a complex story, and occasionally the writing and acting come dangerously close to parody, but th epace and wit of the company carry us along on a glorious rollercoaster ride.

One of the mottoes that Stiff Records printed on badges was, ‘We came, we saw, we left’. True, but what we saw was well worth the visit. If you see nothing else this week, you must catch Duplicity before its final bow.”
Roger Jarman – Wildfire Magazine (Ignite Festival publication)

“Substance & Shadow’s latest show Duplicity went down a storm at Exeter’s Bike Shed Theatre last night. Playing to a vocal and appreciative full house the cast swooped energetically through Seventies London with a paean to Punk Rock and a romp round Rastafarianism.”
Anna Marks – Remote Goat ★★★

”This production displays once again the creative genius of Midge and Rosie, and their capable collaborators in ‘Substance and Shadow’ production company.”
Luch Caise-Dearg – Phonic FM

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